8 Tips for Moving into an Apartment!

April 6, 2023

Planning to move soon? Moving can be stressful; between all the boxes, organizing, and heavy lifting we want to help you make this move the smoothest one yet. Below we are sharing 8 helpful moving tips for moving into your next apartment!

  1. Find out the move-in process for your new home. Contact the leasing office to learn if you need to reserve an elevator, if there are certain hours you can move in, if there is somewhere to park a moving truck, etc. This way you are fully prepared for move-in day.
  2. Plan your last grocery trip 2 weeks prior to move out day. You don’t want to worry about perishable items going bad on moving day if they aren’t able to be refrigerated right away. Doing your shopping about 2 weeks before moving gives you enough time to use up the groceries and start fresh when you move in!
    • We recommend going through non-perishable items and donating any that you do not want any more to a local food bank! A few in the Wilmington area that we recommend are:
  3. Make a basket with all your moving supplies, including tape, stickers, scissors, markers, etc. Don’t forget to add any tools you may need including a measuring tape, screw driver, and hammer. You can carry it all from room to room, and there will not be any panicking when you can’t find the scissors!
  4. Find an organizational system that works for you- whether it is color coding boxes, labelling them with what room they go to, or even purchasing a QR code sticker to scan so you can see what is in each box! Whatever makes you feel most prepared, go for it. Your future self will thank you!
  5. Keep all moving documents in a safe place together. Whether it is a folder, binder, or you have them digitally, make sure they are easily accessible! This could include a copy of your new lease, receipts for gas or paperwork from the moving company or rental truck. This way if you need any of them on short notice, you know exactly where they are!
  6. Take this time to donate or throw away anything you don’t need- this will free up space in your moving truck, and will be less work for you. There are many organizations that will happily take donations of gently used clothing and furniture. Some organizations that we recommend are:
  7. Pack an overnight bag with everything you need to get ready for the next day after a night’s rest. After a long day of moving, the last thing you will want to do is start unpacking that night.
  8. Take a photo of how wires are plugged into electronics such as your TV, gaming systems, etc. before unplugging them and packing them. This will save you hours of frustration when it is time to unpack and plug them back in!

We hope that our tips help you feel more prepared for your big move. Are you interested in making The Residences at Rodney Square your next home? Contact the leasing office today to schedule your tour!

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